Trade Group has our own logistic capacity starting from our central hub in Houston Texas. Our Company and professional associates also are in compliance with the requirements of the Quality Standard EN-ISO-9002, 1994, and serve the interests of our clients throughout the world.

We seek to understand all of our clients individual trades and to meet each customers exact requirements, with continuous communication and precision from time of order and sale to transportation completion. Trade Group draws upon a unique blend of traditional logistics management and other resources that enable us to successfully accomplish logistics and warehousing objectives for both our clients and the buyers we service.

Our hands on approach protect your business interests, helping you manage your risk, and ensures the specific products match manufactured specifications and are delivered to their final destination safely.

Extended support include: Studying the economy scale and logistics to reduce your transportation exposure, Door -to- Door Tracking, Port Agency Services.

Nicholas Aaron

Senior Principal, Georgia Division

Joseph Stewart

Int’l Director of Technology: North America

Roland Coston

Senior Finance Member: North Carolina Division