At Trade Group LLC, we strongly believe the way we do things is just as important as what we do. Every employee is guided by our Core Values, which form the foundation on which we work and conduct ourselves. These values are not descriptions of the work we do as a company or the strategies we employ to accomplish our mission; they underlie our work, how we interact with each others, and guide us in determining how to best serve our customers, employees, and local communities. They are the practices we use every day, in everything we do.


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At Trade Group, we have strong experience that spans the professional business world and gives us the in-depth knowledge, multidisciplinary approach, and capabilities to drive through any challenges that may arise during the corporate, environmental, financial or asset acquisitions. Together, we help navigate challenging times and mitigate the full range of issues that can arise when growing our core businesses or reformulating long term objectives.


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Trade Group understands there is strength in numbers and we trust in each player on our team to advise and help us make the best decisions possible regardless of the matter.

The global energy industry is in a constant state of change. Oil and natural gas prices, the deregulation of power markets, pipeline politics, pollution controls, financing needs and investor confidence all frequently fluctuate and impact the contemporary and merging business environment. 

Today’s energy market is dynamic, due to the entrepreneurial spirit of the energy players, the dedication of resources by businesses to create new companies, and the continued growth in demand for fossil fuels, combined with scarcity of energy resources. This environment encourages all forms of structure and legal issues to be met as well as the need for good due-diligence and, if called upon, global power for representation. This is why we chose the legal firm of Greenberg Trauig.

This helps us provide a highly informed perspective, which can translate into high quality service. Our accounting group  and its ENR practice assists major organizations in the oil and gas, power and utilities, chemicals, mining, and forestry industries to respond quickly to industry trends and business issues.

Trade Group knows the future belongs to those who can keep abreast of these changing market dynamics and develop sound strategies to take advantage of these opportunities.



Trade Group is a company built on many years of dedication and proper selection of employees, consultants, suppliers and clients. We are committed to the pursuit of operational and structural excellence. We do this in several ways; by delivering responsive operations, improving efficiency and maintaining strong and strict business controls. Through this we create the most benefit for asset owners, esteemed customers and clients, for the benefit of the global society within the fuel ecosystem.

This philosophy has guided our company into a consistent growth model following the leaders within the petroleum industry in almost every facet of the business. Trade Group Llc. is currently involved in the exploration and sales of crude oil and refined petroleum as well as other alternative energy solutions.


Our business is to conduct our operations in the oil and gas market, efficiently, responsibly and profitably, in order to provide the regions in which we operate aa secure supply of petroleum and energy needs.


We aspire to be a closely inte- grated, high performance, success driven and customer focused company. We strive to generate value for our cli- ents through our unwavering commitment to truly understanding their goals.


Respect and confidentiality coupled with the transparency of each transaction are the building blocks on which we conduct our business.